Inventory ,sales item and shell subtittle

Dear sambapos friend
1.Could you help how to make the calculation for in this image below? So if i click the numpad example for 1 fish is 2 kg ? 1 ons is 12.000 …so its appears 1 ikan baronang bakar 2kgs?

2 How do i could put my last month stock in v4 because i see screenshoot its more easy in v5? or my stock now before i make another purchase for inventory?

3,If i may know when V5 release to public? if i already make purchase in V4 before is it still working in V5?And may i know the licence paid for V5 ?

4 How do i configure shell substitle for reminder notification when we need to pay suppliers dateline payment or when the customer need to pays when their account dateline payment?

Im using laptop with win 7 32bit
SambaposV4 4.1.82

Thanks your for your time and your help
Andre H

Are you asking how to change the name of the Portion?
Looking there you have at lease 2 portions 8 ons and 1 ons, Portions are defined within the product settings.

I am yet to utilize the inventory system in Samba so not best one to advise however the core system will continue to work from V4 to V5 so if you did start setting inventory and recipes etc you would not need to redo in V5.

Not long, any day now, if in very last stages before release.

V5 will not be free however is very affordable especially for what it is, don’t want to say too much as not my place to do so but all will be reveled very soon.
As explained on other recent posts you do not need to purchase any V4 modules if you will be upgrading to V5 as they become part of the package.

Have you installed the shell title module? once installed you have additional actions to update the title based on your actions.
As for notifications of supplier and account deadlines unfortunately I cant help you there, is not something I’ve ever even come close to trying but others may well offer a solution.

PS. You would probably be better off making multiple topics rather than lumping multiple questions in to one post. makes it clearer for others who may come to the post after searching for a similar answer :smile:

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Manage > Inventory > End of Day Records

This allows you to adjust Physical stock after you End the Workperiod…

Install the Module from SambaMarket (free)

Use Automation to set your reminders. You may want to look at the Event for Entity Selected and/or Entity Changed, compare today with their payment due date in the Constraints (use something like the tag {DATE:yyyymmdd} and {ENTITY DATA:Due Date}), then use the Action for Update Shell Subtitle to display your reminder message.

All we can say is “very soon”

Current Modules for v4 are built in and Free in v5, so yes, they will work.

Very Inexpensive, given the power of SambaPOS.

thx Sir,i will try it first