Inventory setup

HI guys i am stil new to samba pos and need some help setup inventory help from start
can anyone help

Have you searched the forum, many topics on this…
You create an inventory item and map it to the menu item/product so sale deducts corresponding inventory…
Your not going to get step by step help on such a covered topic, if you have specific question or issue ask it but such generalizations will not get much response.

so i just installed samba pos i have nothing
first is to do is create my product i want to sell ,second my menu list add my items in the menu list now i went to inventory. went to inventory items i add Black label base unit bottle price 750 . after that i went to receipt create my receipt is black label i want to add the amount of bottle of black label i have 20 how to do that now?

i have follow the steps but when i go to create transaction to insert the amount of inventory it seems i cant save that transaction

You can only make Inventory Transactions when the Workperiod is open.

You should also upgrade to V5 since the Inventory system is much more robust and feature-rich. V4 is missing a lot of Inventory features, and if you are serious about Inventory, you need to upgrade to V5.

Thanks every one for trying to get me to figure it out and i did but now i have other issues 1 bottle= 20 shots
i sell whole bottle and shots how to make this work

That is explained in detail in various posts in forum. Try search for inventory.

can you please put the link here cause i searched and did not find any thing simular or remotly close to wat i need

Shots should then be your Base Unit for your Inventory Item. Recipes then dictate that 1 shot = 1 shot and 1 bottle = 20 shots.

There are some other ways to do this without having Base Unit = Shot, but you would need V5 to make that happen.

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