Inventory Sort Order

After I add Inventory Items some are not in Order. When I press the “Change Sort Order” tab on the Right Side it just reverses from Top to Bottom. It does not give me the option to configure manually like “Order tags” would. Is this a bug or is there a work around to this? If anyone else has run into this some info would be greatly appreciated.

Does it matter if inventory items are sorted? If so why?

It matters only in the aspect of organizing groups like (Produce, Meat, Sauces,Paper Products, etc) so to keep them together while imputing data. It would make it easier to add inventory later and be able to scan the category it would belong with. This is how it would benefit me.

Did you see the Group Code option?

Yes please explain A fast run down if you Can… Thank you

You type your product group there.

I see group code
What steps should I take?

Gotcha Thank you the Fast reply

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Just make up your groups type one in it. It saves what you type for additional items. Products group code works same way.