Inventory Stock does not Show when i purchased from the warehouse

Hi, I cannot Purchased from my warehouse and when i do nothing shows up in my stock, i cannot also run Inventory Report. Pls guys help me solved this issue.

You have created a new Warehouse called Drinks Warehouse, now create a new Transaction Type to make purchases for it… and if you want it to appear in that screen above you can create the button in: Inventory - Document Types

But what is that warehouse for? Is it an active warehouse from where you’ll be selling? If so, all products you sell should belong to that warehouse since Samba uses one default warehouse to make automatic stock consumption… in this case Local Warehouse but you can change that in Departments.

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Thanks Sabata for the help i really appreciate it. can please show me the demo for your solution.

yes i need the drink warehouse to be the active warehouse, where samba uses for consumption

Why do you have 2 departments of Restaurant and Bar? You only need departments if they are unrelated one to another.

The Department is for the bar side but the share the same inventory

I am pretty sure thats not how you should have it, I mean food and drinks should all appear on one table right? Maybe I am missing something.

What I mean is that you should have those two departments together, not separate. Have you tried making a test sale and add orders to table to see if it works as you want?

THanks i have found the solution

Pls how do i clear an old stock

End of Day Records lets you reset Stock Counts when the WP is Closed.