Inventory tracking

Hi all…
we are selling frozen cake. We have a cake it is name is devil food. my pastary staff take out 5 cake in morning. And waiters sell 3 cake. my waiter near costumer. and costumer ask have you got devil food. And waiter look near pos screen. and say there is 2 devil food. this is a story:) how can we do?

One simple way would be to ring in the staff one and gift.
Next option would be to create a similar setup to gift but with a custom gift state specific to staff food.
Outside of that there is the default stock adjustment method which I think is done after closing work period.

Isn’t he asking if we can put the inventory on the button?

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I wouldn’t have come to that conclusion given he said had 5, sold 3 and wait are 1 and looks to till and says 2… :wink: either way

His English is choppy but it seems pretty clear to me he is asking for Stock Level on POS screen.

Lol you might be right, I read as waiter consume one hehe…

sorry for my english :slight_smile: i have a problem with stocks. i open two ware house, but the product is not incrase from the ware house which i want.

Ok so thats definitely different lol. Take a look at this.

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Lol, defiantly wouldn’t have drawn that conclusion, we were all wrong lol

WHEN i sell an item. it decrease from local warehouse. why not my other warehouse?

Because you didnt set it up to? Read the tutorial I posted. There are endless discussions about inventory. Utilize the search function you will find lots of discussion about this.

I can’t help much as don’t use inventory but you need to provide as much info as posible for people to respond.
Explain how your where houses are configured.

Here is another tutorial


i try it. it is wonderfull:) thank you

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