Inventory Units Issue with Recepies


I am having an issue with inventory and recpies in v5.

For example, in the actual inventory item I have the base unit, transaction unit and multiple. When I add a recepie I want to be able to use the transaction unit and not the base unit however when I go to add the recepie it only displays the base unit and does not give me the transaction unit in the dropdown. How can I fix this?

Inventory Item Screenshot:

Recepie screenshot:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By design, Recipes only accept Base Units of Inventory Items, and as such, your Base Unit should be the smallest unit of measure that you could use in any Recipe.

You can use different Units in Recipes only with Inventory Products.

Inventory Products are different than Inventory Items.

The initial design for an Inventory Product was to be able to create “pre-prepped” inventory that was composed of other Inventory Items (or Products) via the Inventory Product Recipe.

A bit difficult to explain, but see if you understand this …

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