Inventory with Multiple Departments & Warehouses

Well I spent the day looking through Inventory for the 1st time and having a play :tired_face:

I notice there has been a few recent changes to in V5.1.55/6 so I going to ask for some advice on my standard setup for our venues.

Retail Shop - 1 Cash Draw
Bar - 3 Cash Draws
Mobile Bar - Tablet Only short carry on Drinks i.e. Cans/Stubbies
Kitchen - Kitchen Printer Only

Bar Store - Stock Take Required
Retail Shop - Stock Take Required

Retail Shop - 1,000 Bar Coded Products
Bar - Bulk Beer, Prepack, Mixers, Take Out Prices, Bottles, etc
Mobile Bar - Tablet Only short carry on Drinks i.e. Cans/Stubbies
Kitchen - Orders Placed at Bar using Kitchen Food Menu

Questions & Comments
The Retail Shop deals with items such as Apparel, Gym Gear and only sells a few packages (recipes?). What is the minimum setup process for a Stock Item?

My thinking is: Department has Default MENU-Shop
MENU-Shop has Categories=Shirts;Pants;Food Bars;Bottle Drinks;Mats;Hand Weights etc.
The issue here is how to deal with SIZE & COLOUR?

So at this stage SambaPOS Management Menu “Products” has Menus & Products but it does not manage Inventory. So how do we deal with SIZE & COLOUR from the Menu? Preferred option is 1 Item with different attributes (Tags?) BUT each Item such has “Small Green T-Shirt” must be reflected back in Stock?

Inventory is a separate Management Menu has Warehouses, Documents; Inventory Items; Products and Recipes.
I assume this is what would be required for the BAR?

With the BAR:
What is the process to establish Bulk Beer on Tap from a KEG? How is wastage best handled, manually by entering an Amount as posted here?

Package Beer comes in by Cartons of 24, containing 4 packs (of 6 cans), which can be slipt to 1 Can and sold in either Can, 6 pack, or Carton. Do I use recipe for this or another method?

The above Package beer will also have a Drink Here or Take Away pricing. How is this handled with the different portions sold as detailed above?

Finally mixes such as Cocktail Drinks are sold as well. These drinks have 1 Part (or double) Spirit and Mixer Top Up i.e. Coke. How are these best setup?

We now have “Products” in Management Menu Inventory. These are obviously different to Products under “Products”?

Key Issues:
I know that is a lot of questions so happy to take short answers to at lest point me in the right directions.

  1. The key setup issues I am keen to understand is for the Shop: Bar Coded Stock Take Versus 1 Master Item with Product Modifiers/Tags i.e Colour & Size.
  2. For the Bar the key issues are no Bar Coding but Product Portion Selling i.e. Cans, Six Pack combines with Drink Here or Take Away pricing.

Your answers will be a great head start - thanks in Advance.

(PS: 10.45pm and that’s 12 hrs straight so might sleep as most of your Sunday is getting underway…)

Most retail setups I’ve done use barcodes for the products. Which solves the sizing issue. I highly recommend using barcodes in retail.

Morning @Jesse
So with Bar codes - you must treat every stock item individually, right? So how does this effect SambaPOS as to have stock control you must use recipes.

if you use barcode for item and set only one portion price it will default to that price when barcode is scanned.

I thought I remembered a recent feature related to this that can make it easier without needing recipe in a case like this. You should look that up.

Umm - have not come across that as yet. The only new feature in 5.1.55/6 was “products” now found in Inventory Management? If it comes to mind let me know I would appreciate it…

Isn’t it the Create Recipe tool on the Recipes page?You can selec by product group/all and it creades 1:1 recipe and inventory item?

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@JTRTech you could be my Hero! Let me check that out and I will come back to verify…
(PS: kendash don’t worry - your always my hero)

Yes that’s it. Thanks JTR.

Yes you have it JTR! - So currently getting through @QMcKay (:wink:) 148 thread topic on Inventory but have question to ask. For a Retail setup then I can use the process:

  1. Create Menu Structure;
  2. Create Product List (assume this is still required);
  3. Use Create Recipe Tool.

This will give me Inventory Control? Do I have the process correct…

If your using barcodes you dont need a product menu, you could do a retail menu like RichH using menu button automation commands.

Barcodes bypass the need for product buttons but thats not to say would cant :stuck_out_tongue:
But product list and inventory you would obviously need.


In retail using a menu is too slow. Barcodes are the best for accuracy and speed of service.