Invoice Pepper Size & Sale product by department and user?

Hello , I have two problem with my sambas…

  1. How to use Invoice as A4 or A5 > I want to use and Design invoice follow my company template by using A5 or A4 ?
    2.Can we sale product with 2 or 3 department > Only user that work in specific department can sale product in their place , other user can not sale or change …
    for admin can do all

If you are in V5 You can use a document printer to print in A4 Size. search for document printer in forum for template and settings. second question you can sell a product in many departments but am not sure what your need. Try to search forum you will find many tutorials .all the best

thank you @gsreddy , my second mean after we make product with department can we role user to specific department?
Example : I have Department Drink , Food, Soup :
-> User : Dara can only sell Drink
-> User : Dany can only sell Food …

Don’t think there will be an easy way to do this, pretty sure there isn’t a select department action to automate such a thing or not that I have seen.
A better question might be to look at why you have setup departments that way?
Reporting? Seperate Menus?
As you may find that this is not the best way to achieve what your looking to do. Although I am not a pro with departments as never used as never understood the need especially on the split you described.
If you can explain your use of departments and your reasoning perhaps a better method might be possible.
Ie, if it is just separate menus, v5 has many new menu based possibilities including menu switching action. if its reporting, there are probably much better more flexible ways to do it using custom reports module in v4 which is included with the v5 licence as standard.

While talking about departments How about department specific terminal? I mean one department mapped to a specific terminal am not sure we may able to do this?

@dara why are you using departments for specific items? I dont mean its bad thing I just want to understand your business flow… there may be alternatives you are not aware of that could be better.

I want my cashier sell item to customer with their job resposible >
-if cashier work in Food Department can only sale Food other items not show
-if cashier work in Soup can only sale Soup

so please help me how to do this or we have other way to manage this ?
for report i want each department have their own report sale and stock and then
will have an include report for all department can i do this or not ?

If you are wanting stock (Inventory) reporting, you need to use Departments, because Inventory is tied to the Department Warehouse…

You cannot lock a User into a specific Department, however, you can lock the User Role to a Department. Look in Manage > Users > User Roles

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This is possible on V5 but I think you need something similar to this.