Ip printer not working in client

We have an ip printer that works perfectly with our db server pos machine.

We have recently configured a Windows tab as client.

We are currently facing 2 issues.

  1. The tab is extremely slow.

  2. The ip printer doesn’t work on the tab. I have installed the printer drivers and can print a test page.

Would highly appreciate any support.


Looks like image issue, have you put the image in same directory on tablet as on server?

I haven’t copied the db backup to the tablet.

I have only updated the db string.

Do I need to copy the db backup to the tablet?

Will it make the pos on the tab faster
Thanks alot

No, the image on your receipt, the error you show relates to an issue with image.
Have you placed a copy of image in same directory on tablet?
Print is generated on device in use so guessing your print issue is because you javnt made a copy of the logo on receipt to the tablet.

as for speed, what kind of tablet? What kind of WiFi?
I run dell venue 11 peo tablet on ac 5ghz wifi and runs as fast is not faster than the core2duo 3ghz dell powered fised terminals.

also have change topic to question rather than issue as doesnt sound like a bug, just misconfigeration.

Ok . I get it . I will place the image in the same location . Thanks

As for the speed being slow… windows tablets, expecially cheap ones, put very underpowered specs in them. While SambaPOS will run on very low specs with a stock setup, the more advanced entity screen customizations expecially report tags and visual customizations will require better hardware.

If your tablet is a lower powered windows tablet i suggest removing any custom visual Entity Screen setups. Use the stock entity screen setups. Or upgrade to a windows tablet with a faster cpu and at least 4-6g ram

SambaPOS runs very well on lower powered Atom cpu windows tablets but only with the basic simple setups. THe more complex custom setups need better hardware. Delivery Screen would not work very well on a lower powered tablet.

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Hello Jesse,

Thanks alot . I will try to either go with a simple entity screen design to make the tab work faster.

I am facing another issue though, when an order is recorded in the POS server machine (or the client tab) . Then the order entity screen doesn’t refresh to reflect the new order.

I have to toggle the screen and then the order appears.

Is there a fix for this .


You have it connected to message server?

Yes i have connected the tab to messenger server.