Is it possible in the ticket design to print a different header if a condition is true or false?

Greetings to all!!
I want to ask if it is possible in the ticket layout to print a different header if a condition is met or not.
Desired headers according to condition

“To go”
“Home service”

With this kitchen you know if you serve it on a plate or wrap it to go.
If there is a topic in the community if you can refer me, since I have searched and cannot find.

How are you setting these in system?
Department? ticket tag?

What do you recommend? I’m starting.
Or if there is a tutorial, I see that you have written many and with great value.I am trying to understand the concepts of SAMBAPOS.

At the moment I am using a department, and I finished a tutorial on home ordering and restaurant pricing and home delivery. I think the ideal would be by ticket tag.

If you use a common tag type name you could just insert the tag as the header, simple as.

Excuse me, will there be an example? As I mentioned, I am new and some things are still difficult for me.

Ticket tag is well documented on forum, just have a search.
If you use the same tag type and just set the tag value to the type of order you can then just include that tag in template to show the type of ticket.

Personally I use Ticket Types for this.

Ok @JTRTech , Thanks.

Hi Jesse, by chance there is an example that can guide me please. Greetings.