Is it possible to add pickup time?

I have been finding my way around SambaPos and learning some of the features. Great piece of software!

I have set a ticket tag to collect a person name before closing the ticket. Basically like the hold button that had been explained by emre in one of the post. Except I collect the customers name to be able to retrieve it when they come in to pickup the order. We receive a lot of phone in orders.

My question is is it possible to also add a pickup time to the ticket? And then have both the customers name and pickup time print on the kitchen ticket so we know when to start preparing it. It would also be great to add a date and then be able to search tickets by date and time.

I don’t feel it’s necessary to add them as a customer to the database. Most times when we receive a call in we just get a first name and a phone number from them.


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Still wondering if anyone has a solution for a pickup date and time. I know how to do the hold but would like time and date for when the order will be picked up.

We receive order sometimes days or weeks in advance and would like to be able to hold the ticket and add a date and time to it.

Check it out maybe it will answer your question.