Is it possible to link an order tag to an actual product?

Hi, I created a tag called “Toast and Jam” with a product “Toast and Jam” selected.

Then, I made an order of “Egg, Bacon Cheese” with “Toast and Jam” as its tag.

Is it possible to make “Toast and Jam” showed as an actual product in my report?

No, i dont think so, at least easily, if you did thinn you might endup having to include all tags for all products which could make report extencive pretty quickly.
If were using inventory you could report that way as inventory would span products and tags etc.
On my system i report order tags in a seccond table after actual products.


Thank you for the information, it’s useful. After few days, I thought 4.43. How to Apply Auto Combo Implementation? – SambaPOS Knowledgebase the combo setup might help with the situation, but still it would lead to a mess in my products and pricing list.

The report that lists order tags as you mentioned must be a most clever way to handle. Can you give me a tip about how to achieve that?