Is it possible to make sub products?

I want to know if it is possible to make sub products in Sambapos?
I have a pizza takeaway restaurant. We make offers e.g. 2 big pizzas with two ingredients.
To make this order in Sambapos we need to make it in 3 steps.

  1. Choose one products with the whole offer and the price offer.
    2-3. Select two times big pizza with no price and choose 2 ingredients from order tags list for each pizza.
    When this order is printed out, it is for 3 items not 2.
    I would want to be able to choose one product PIZZA OFFER 1 and then 2 pizzas would pop up.

I think mapping order tags to portions and order tag prefixes features will help you a lot. For example you can create a promotion pizza product, create promotion options as portions and display related order tags for selected portion. You can create a specific portion for 2 pizza offer and if you need you can also create a specific inventory recipe for that portion…

sorry but i need more explanation about that cuz i wanna make some thing like happy hour

Look here for Happy Hour implementation: