Is it possible to work opencart with sambapos?

is it possible to work opencart with sambapos? so when a customer order something from internet it will show up on sambapos

This is not possible at the moment, because it isn’t possible to create a new ticket via API or other external means. It may be possible in the future.

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how close that future you think

Only emre could answer that, i would expect v6 would offer that but no eta on v6, v5 not long out…
Possibly it might come in v5 but as said only emre can give ETA on that.

Well then lets wait what he will say

I think expecting an ETA on v6 is over hopefull, question would be better as is API helper to create ticket and add orders coming in v5 or waiting for v6.

Emre has been studying and learning as much as he can for v6 and I suspect it won’t be too long before beta team gets some info but for now there is no ETA. V5 took a year from moment we started internal tests then beta then release. Right now v6 is in more of a planning stage I would say but that’s just my guess. Me and Q typically get insight early on things and we have had a little on v6 but I can say it won’t be soon.


now with the last update, is it possibe to work opencart with sambapos ?

Does open cart have an API interface that we can access and use with JSCRIPT?

Yes it does as paid modules :slight_smile:

Another project Id love to jump on if wasnt so busy…
Woocomerse would offer a larger potential for clientbase though.

@Oguzhan_Ademir what type of intergration were you loking to achive?

i am using journal theme and version of opencart is , so when a customer had an order from internet i want to have a notification from sambapos and i want to make client status reporting to opencart

I haven’t used open cart for a while and when I did it was the joomla embeded version (virtually identical but not standalone).

You should be able to script virtually anything with a bit of work but not looked into the API modules - it obviously depends on what calls/features the modules offer. there were a few API modules available.

If you want a bit of background in to scripting an intergration take a look at my PMS intergration or kendash/q’s timetrex setup.
I might sugest my PMS topic might be better if your less familier with scripting etc as I started it as a tech savey jscript novice so starts faily basic.

The PMS topic is hear;

If I didnt have so much on I might have been a bit more proactive as is something I have wanted to look into to have a webshop integration to offer to clients. However if you do go ahead and get stuck I will hapily help where I can if you tag me @JTRTech.

Try and share your working in this or a fresh topic as it will help anyone supporting you to see your setup and potentially help others looking to do similar, plus i would be intriged to see how you get on.