Is it stable enough?

Dear Sambapos Admins and users,

Anyone who tried Sambapos v5, is it stable enough to run commercially at the current version?
Saw couple error postings, and this is normal. But just want to make sure that everything is stable before use it commercially.


V5 being tested in beta group for more than 6 months and probably more stable than V4 however you may find few issues during hardcore customization.

Actual users would give better feedback though.

PS: You can use V5 in trial mode for testing purposes.

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Version 5 is very stable. It has been for probably 5 of the 6 month beta and all the time after that. If you look at any errors most of them are user configuration errors the ones that were not were usually small things dealing with recent feature additions. Pretty much every error small or big Emre fixes the next day if not the same day. I think thats a pretty good track record.


I use V5 for about 5 month now and it’s absolutely stable.

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Thanks guys…
Upgrading soon then… :smile:

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Slowly adding the features of my V4 to V5 and so far no disappointment. I find it running smoothly. still adding the modules and next month i might have one up and running.

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Running v5 in production in 2 different venues for last 5 months without issues or concerns.

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