Is Matrix items possible?

My wife is opening a clothes shop soon. Is it possible to add Matrix items in Sambapos. This would be for a retail (apparel) setup, example would be.

Pair of shoes would have multiple colours and sizes.

T-shirt would also have multiple colours and sizes.

I never tracked stock in Sambapos so this would be a major factor too. Would I be better off looking for a retail Point of sale or would SambaPos be able to achieve this.

Yep samba can do it, either create separate products for each colour and size, i assume theyre barcoded so youll just scan then, longer to setup with all the different combination, but thats what i would do

Other option is to use order tags so youll select item eg trousers, then you select colour and size

@RickH made a full retail setup that caters exactly what you’re looking for. In fact it’s one of the v5 tutorials you can check out. it will give you a good insight of the possibilities.

Creating separate products would not work as stock changes way to much. It would be to much work adding stock for every product and variation. Not sure if order tags would work either as cashier would have to check every item that is sold would tracking stock not also be an issue? I’ve seen Ricks Tutorial on the Retail setup but that does not solve the problem of adding matrix items.

You could use custom product tags and assign barcodes for each size, color etc. automate a way to add that item when custom product tag is entered. Not sure if that works but we should explore it.

Gotta remember Sambapos is not retail focused so we will need to get an alternative setup that you feel is workable.

If your generating your own barcodes depending on the ‘options’ if you had size and colour you could set a couple of digets as a suffix to the barcode and automate tags using that is tags is the route opted for.

85467528   01     03
^^^^^^^^   ^^     ^^
Product  | Size | Colour

Where you had a preset list of tags for size and colours

(Thought you might like my Q style explanation @QMcKay :stuck_out_tongue: )