Is posible print bill and open drawer when ‘Cash’ button is clicked on payment screen?

If I make a payment using buttons 1,5,10,20,50,100 and use the ‘CASH’ 'button does not open the drawer until it touches the “close” button. There is a way to open the drawer by touching the ‘CASH’ ‘button and then touch the button’ ‘close’ 'to complete the transaction? The situation is that it can stay longer change window and you can close it when it really ends.

Yes, very possible :smile:
I have setup on mine to auto print receipt on any card payments and cash payments over £20 and also only opens draw on cash payment.

Would need some screenshots of your setup to best help but if you are getting a bill print on ticket close it sounds like your print bill (receipt) action is on the wrong rule. Sounds like its on ticket close with a 0 remaining constraint but may be wrong. It would want to be in a payment processed rule.

As for cash drawer this is done by using a code in a printer template.
I usually have a open drawer template which is just the open drawer code which can be used for open on cash payment but also No Sale.

If this all makes seance and need more guidance just shout but if your not sure be sure to backup before changing any ticket close rule as can quickly mess things up if you don’t know what your changing.

Also if you might want to check out the change ‘ask question’ prompt, is my favorite change display method.
I also use the shell title to display last sale total, tendered and change allong the top of the screen :smile:

Im a big fan of ask question ill dig out some pics to show you. Also i dont use the settle screen at all, all payment is taken from pos screen

Ask Question transparency is great for full screen messages/instructions, a few of my examples below (V5)

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Although rick specified es using v5 I’m pretty sure nothing shown is v5 specific.
Ask question action is ideal for this type of thing, and I too have become a huge ask question fan.
The close drawer is a nice touch although the discussion about drawer feedback didn’t go anywhere (that I saw) which is a shame, is on my list of things to look into but finding time is the missing key lol
Either way what you asked is very doable, if you struggle shout and will happily offer more detailed post.

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the V5 specific stuff is the transparency so the ask question colour fills the entire screen instead of just a banner in the middle if the screen and the formatting, V5 allows the text formatting,font, alignment etc you can even put a picture on it


Fair shout, functionality is all there, the finishing touches as you say as new to V5.