Is possible when after clicked "Customer Account" on payment screen , the Customer Credit is added?

Is possible when after clicked “Customer Account” on payment screen , the Customer Credit is added?

i am tried when i/m Clicked the customer account payment type it will debit the customer account.

It debits customer account as you are paying the bill by customer account, so it will deduct the amount from their account

You can “top up” the customers account at any time, they could give you say 1000 so they have that in their account. Then when pressing customer account as payment on settle screen it will deduct from that 1000.

Or you could let the account go negative and send them the outstanding balance to pay at a later date

You could even set it so they have to topup their account first and have it so they cant go negative

This is the default and correct way samba works for customer account transactions, when paying by account it shouldnt credit their account as you are not receiving any money, it should debit it as they are paying the bill from the account

What if i don’t want to credit the customer account using top-up method, is it possible to do that in pos screen or payment screen? The reason is i can’t edit or cancel the top-up transaction once submitted.

You could create a button linked to rules and actions to create a account transaction and put that button on pos screen or payment screen, youd have to read up on accounts and how the transactions work

Why would you need to cancel or edit it? They would only pay once they have had the orders so what is debited from their account is what they have had

You then go into their account and there are payment buttons where you add funds to their account when they pay to clear, or put their account in credit

Why would you want to cancel a topup payment, if a custmer owes you money to clear their account why would you take it off them and then want to cancel it to give it them back when they owe you that money?

In our operation flow we have to print out the official receipt when the customer paid or top up and there is no reprint function in account type document transaction.

If customer request extra copy , we have no idea where to reprint.

i will try it out at pos screen that how it works thanks.

You can create a receipt to print when customer pays by account (just the same as cash or card etc) and you can show on the receipt the total amount owed on their account

When “topping up” their account you could also create a print job that when they add finds to their account a receipt prints showing then what they have added and what their new balance is

Im sure their is also a print option when you ae in their account to print their transaction but i think this is more of a report print rather than receipt

EDIT - to reprint you would just need to create a reprint button, then all you do is go back into the last ticket you settled and it would reprint that receipt with all the accounts details on it. Think you can do that from the customer account screen, click the ladt order and you should get a button that says something like find ticket, click that and it will open that transaction in the pos screen, then click reprint button (after youve made it)

Hope that helps