Is redefining work period possible?

If the operator forgets to close a period and the period is carried over to the next day. Sales and such are merged. Is there a way to re-define the cutting point of the work period and a way in writing a report that will be able to copy the format of the WP report but change the cutting point?

There is no way to do that. Now that I said that…there technically is a way if you edit SQL directly and you change the relevant entries that need to be changed. If you have to ask how to do that then you will most likely break your system so in that case revert back to what I originaly said.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion.

OK, since there is no pre-defined function in SambaPOS. Trying to examine the whole database’s definitions may be too time consuming and, as you say, it may easily break the system for missing one or two bit of things in the process or simply because not knowing what a field in the db means to SambaPOS. So I will have to give up this attempt until I am more familiar with SambaPOS’s db schema.

You may want to use the automatic work periods feature called virtual work periods.


Even if you changed the Workperiod start/end and insert another WP, it will still break your Inventory.

Ending a WP is not just simply a little row in the Database. Ending WP does alot of other things in the background with other tables.

Look at what @Jesse mentioned. Virtual Workperiods were designed to do this sort of thing when people “forget” to close the WP at day-end.


Was trying the virtual work period feature.

Even though it said virtual period(s), but it seems to allow only creating of one daily period rather than multiple of them. What if I have a 3 shifts around the clock work flow?

Work periods typically are not for shift, they are for reporting only. You only need 1 WP per day. You should do other methods to distinguish shifts.