Is Sambapos v4 free?

Hi Sir,
I am from Myanmar.I can’t use too money for my restaurant because of my restaurant is too small then i aim for poor family and kids.So i would like to usw free pos system.I found sambapos v4.Just i studying to use it but i worry it.Is sambapos v4 free?I found another software but after one month system close my printing.

If you don’t mind.Sambapos v4 is always free?I am using offline and on my 1 laptop only.
Thank for your time.Thanks sambapos v4 team and developers.

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V4 is depreciated and not directly supported anymore however yes it is free excluding some add on modules.
However you may find bugs which will not be resolved in V4 etc.
V5 is current and is supported and maintained. It is not expensive at $249usd one off cost.

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V5 is very cheap. V4 is no longer available other than a few copies on unofficial mirrors floating around. The cost is almost nothing.for v5 you will save that much on efficiency. There are costs for doing business and POS should be one of those.

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Thanks Sir.
1.V4 no longer mean,can’t use free about 1 year or less because i make only sales process then everyday i shop income is around $50(Oncluding coses).I would like to use v5 but you know just begining of business.
2.V5 $249 for per years or life time?
I am not friendly with sambapos but i could studied a few moment.I have plan to update v5 after usimg v4 with offiline.Just i am planing to use v4 with offline.

Really thanks for you advices and time.

V5 is $249 for lifetime of v5. You can use it free for up to 500 tickets. After that it will remind you to buy a license.


V5 also doesn’t need to be online, you just need internet to activate licence, not to use day to day.

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