Is Sampos v4 close after using 500 tickets?

Hi Sir,
I am new member in here.I’m from thailand.My friend using V5 trial after he using 500 tickets,he can’t open pos layout.
My questions are,

1.V5 isn’t free(how much is charge for life time license)
2.V4 also same?(After using 500 tickets,it will be close?)
3.Which version is free in sambapos?
4.To say thank to developer to creating sambapos but need to support a free for poor users.That’s you will get brand awareness.

I really thanks for your time.

V4 is no longer supported and is not available anymore.

V5 is current version and a license is $249 for lifetime of v5 with unlimited free updates to v5.

Nothing can be free forever! It costs money to develop really good software. $249 is a steal that is very very cheap.


SambaPOS is in 100,000 restaurants world wide and over 100+ countries


i see.Thank you so mush.

See for more info on license. You can also contact a local reseller.

Could i buy for v4 license or what license need to buy for v4?
Yearly or lifetime license?I would like to use v4.It’s okay for me no need any update features.
Thanks for your time.

V4 is no longer offered. It does not have a license.