Is There a Way i Can Update Loyalty Points when the ticket is split

Is there a way I can update my loyalty points when a ticket is split under the same customer entity, and when one ticket is paid, have it update the other ticket under same customer entity with the updated loyalty points as well?


I’m thinking it might be best to update a customer’s loyalty points when the ticket is paid/closed.

Otherwise you’ll have to add some automation to recalculate the points when moving items/splitting tickets.

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Yes, the points are updated when the ticket is Paid
what i meant is when there is 2 tickets with same customer name
for example
tickets 1 with total $250 Customer John with 2points then i split ticket
ticket 1a total== $100 with Customer John (2 points)
ticket 1b total== $150 with Customer John (2 points)
then i cashup ticket 1a it updates the points to (3points)
and also update ticket 1b to (3points) because customer john is now having (3points)

i want it to refresh the customer entity data, i hope i explained clearly

The custom entity data is stored on a ticket-level. It’s like a snapshot of data when ticket was created. So if you open an old ticket it would show the entity data from that moment.

The only thing coming to mind, is a rule on ticket displayed to update entity with the current entity - that should refresh the custom data values. But this creates more hits to the db.