Is there a way to highlight buttons

is there a way to highlight the buttons to a different colour especially in the navigation screen when i turn to custom navigation
i dont want to change button colors but i want to change my custom navigation buttons to be highlighted when i move the cursor over them

in the formatting of the buttons i think you can use the <hover> tag to define colours, im sure ive done that in the past

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ok will try tht and see how it goes

i tried to use that but cant get it to highlight , i want to highlight my custom navigation screen and some of my menu buttons…am i missing something?

yea your formatting ist quite right, so this is a menu button for my “Open Bar Tab” button in the top left of the button grid below

This is the button formatting so that it highlights in red when hovering over it:
<color #FF4BACC6><hover red> Open\rBar Tab</hover></color>

and this give the following result:

Pretty sure you can use the same fomat on you nav screen buttons

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thanks a lot, i tried that on the Navigation buttons its not working, on the menu buttons its working nice
how did you setup a logo on top of your ticket, do u have a link on that?

Yea, this is set on user login and work period being open

This is the expression in the Title field with the image location:
<L><block 0,0,0,0 #FF221F1F center 1000><img>C:\Users\hp EliteDesk 800 G1\Pictures\Saved Pictures\Header Logo.jpg</img></block>

and that is in the “Update Application Subtitle Header”

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thank you so much for your help…much appreciated

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