Is there a way to keep track of the minutes kitchen take to cook food using kitchen display?

Hello everyone,

One quick question,

Is there a way to keep track of the minutes kitchen take to cook food using kitchen display?? since it already uses time and changes color, and added to the ticket as a tag so i can get statistics of how many on time, under or exceeded time expectations?
Or any other way??
Let say kitchen has 10min to get the food ready to be served

One more question in regards to statitics.
Right now I am using Ticket tags to achieve this, for person count it is fine, I can see the total amount of people that visited my restaurant on a given day or month. but for the second question which is: First time visit? if yes waiter need to find out how they hear about us (TV, Facebook, Friends, other) my problem with this is: i dont know how many of the total customers were first time visitors since it take count per ticket, is there a way for me to be able to specify for example if it is a table of four and two were new customers that i can select 2 customer and found out about us by watching TV ad and the other Two persons that i can just select returning customer.

I am trying to obtain information about my marketing campaigns.

Hope someone can point me in direction on how i can achieve this.
Amazing software and very powerful but still learning more and more.

Thank you very much

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The more you learn the more amazing it gets. I’m not at a computer yet I’m outside my restaurant manning two giant smoker pits right now but later I might have time to offer some suggestions.

Thank you very much @Jesse i would appreciate your suggestions

That’s a good idea, tracking your cooks productivity could go a long way, I too would be very interested in something like this if you have any suggestions. @Jesse

Sorry I didn’t get around to revisiting forum until just now. Weather is cold so took longer for my smokers to finish tomorows product. I’ll try and visit this tomorrow I smell like oak and hickory wood and I’m very tired gonna shower and hit bed.

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Just for the reference I’m copying a related post from Beta Section.

So we’ll create our custom metrics by using Task Reporting feature.

Here are some task reporting features

[Course Counts:1,1,1]
>Course|Count|Avg Duration
{REPORT TASK DETAILS:TSC.Group,T.Id.Count,T.Duration.Average:(TST=Kitchen)}

[Kitchen Tasks:1,1,2,1,1,1]
{REPORT TASK DETAILS:T.StartTime,T.EndTime,T.Duration;#.##,T.Name,TSC.Group,TSC.Table Name:(TST=Kitchen)}

This is what I was planning with tasks feature. First report counts served courses and displays average serving duration. Data is a little corrupted due to testing but I think you’ll get the idea.

So If you’re using task feature for kitchen displays we already have something to play with.



Thank you @emre this is what i got so far

But i have a couple of questions:
Instaed of TSC.Group i tried using MenuItemName or Item Group but doesnt work, right now it only gives me the total ticket count and avg time.
Now based on the avg duration can i add another column to automatically display 1.- If time is bellow 10 min= bellow target 2.- if time is 10min= On target, 3.- If time is above 10 min= Fail
Thank you for all the help