Is there a way to set Start Process to run on server computer? Or how can we read text file? Or how to get return value from batch file

I want to use start process to run batch file (sqlcmd and php script) but on tablet or some computer won’t have sqlcmd.exe and php installed so, I am wondering if it can be set to start process to run on server computer and it would be faster to run on server too.

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You may not get much response to this as doesn’t sound to me like a SambaPOS question and you may be better of google searching it and checking on another directly related forum.
Especially as you have not explained exactly what you are trying to do/achieve …

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In short, no.

Start Process Action launches applications on the local computer only.

Though there are ways to perform remote execution (i.e PsExec and Powershell), it is a bit beyond the scope of this forum. You would use one of the tools mentioned as part of the Start Process Action. Here is a Google search phrase to get you started:

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Or anyway to read data directly from text file. Right now I have to run sqlcmd to put data to programe setting and read it back again.

Can you explain what your really trying to do?

I run php script to get distance. I need to get return distance from php. Right now I have to use sqlcmd to put the value in program setting and read it back.

Distance for what? Delivery? If you can give more details I am willing to bet we have a solution already in v5.

Yes for delivery. But V5 has not release yet. I have no access to beta too. :cry: I have been waiting for 2 months now

V5 has Helper classes for reading text files, XML, Websites, SQL commands, and more.

A Google Maps integration in V5 has already been done, or at least started. Very powerful tools in V5.