Is there any branding module

Its a great system and I’m loving it now. To move forward I’d love to change its branding and name to market with my own name. Is there any pricing structure for this?


I am not sure if there are plans to allow a licensed full branding change but there are some branding you have access too already…

You can change the logo that is on the log in screen… you can add your own logo to tickets… you can not change the logo at top left when logged in.

To change logo at log in screen C:\Program Files (x86)\SambaPOS4\Images\logo.png

Look here for adding images to your tickets.

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Well IMO this option can open a new door to the marketing of this application. Say, I’m here in South Asia and if I invest time, effort and money to promote this product in the nearby cities, then what will be my own long-term benefit for doing this exercise. By selling brand-able application, you guys can also add some revenue to your earnings while keeping the code with yourself :wink: