Is there anyone printing invoices in a4?

im trying to print invoices in a4 size , i have connected my ink jet printer but it keeps on printing half the page , is there settings i can change so it can print the whole page in a4…i see also reports are printed half way.

Have you set the page size in the settings at the the top of the report setting, try entering 25cm and have a play with different numbers

how about the receipt template in a4 size?

It’s all about adding the specific printer to SambaPos correctly. Which template is used to print to that printer is irrelevant if using the right tags compatible with that printer.

Simple template should just print fine and might need minor adjustments to look nice on larger canvas (A4 paper for example).

Using HTML template would be better than using plain receipt printer templates, and would give better control over the layout in general, if the user knows how.

When adding a desktop printer, just adjust the paper width in the relevant fields under printer and in the report.