Is there something wrong with my SQL server?

My Server terminal is extremely slow, but my Client terminals work fine. I think this started to happen when I made a Delivery Screen with 5 Ticket Lister Widgets. Could that be the problem?

It certainly could slow it down it all depends on how many tickets and what you have in the lister configured to show.

Are you auto refreshing? If so how often?

You can also reindex and auto size the database from settings - programsettings - maintenance see if that helps.

The Auto Refresh checkbox is marked and the Auto Refresh Interval is set to 0. (for all Widgets)

Can I do this live?

Yes you can do it live.

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So, apparently Rebuilding the Indexes did nothing, but I did find the issue. It was having 5 separate Ticket Lister Widgets on the same Entity Screen. The reason why my Client Terminals were working fine was that they have 16 GB of RAM, while the Server only has 8GB.

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