Is there still an issue with modules un-installing?


For the last few days everytime i open samba all my modules have de-activated. I reactivate them, shut down samba and restart and they work fine. Once i close samba again they lose their activation

Nothing has changed at my end, this has just started the last few days

I reactivated all these about 12 hours ago, ive logged into samba again now and they are all deactivated again and need installing


“Still” ???

I have never seen that happen.

Maybe they are messing with stuff on their Server?

I guess I wouldn’t know most of the time because I stay Logged out of Market.


But the modules are being uninstalled, not deactivated. Yes, they need to be activated again once installed, but if a module just loses activation, it won’t get uninstalled.

When you install a module, the module DLL is copied to C:\Users\<user>\Documents\SambaPOS5\Addons. I would be inclined to see if there is some permissions issue on your My Documents folder. Also when they are uninstalled, do they still exist in the Addons folder? If yes, likely a permission issue, if not, something/someone is deleting them.

I wonder did you recently get the April 2018 updated on Windows 10? I just received it and there is a whole load of new privacy questions (mostly related to GDPR I am sure), but I also noticed some software I use like Google Sync required my login again after the update, so obviously “something” changed, not sure if that is related or not.