Is this the best way to ask for help?


I have been told to submit questions and I haven’t heard anything back in four days. Please advise.


Hi Tammy this is a community based support system. No one here on this community is getting paid for helping out. Everyone has been here helping out in their free time and out of the kindness of their heart. I tried to look up your other posts but have failed to find any. Most things people need help with are already available on this forum. All you need to do is use the search function. One suggestion pls be concise and give as much information as possible on the Topic you need help with.

Hope that helps.


I am not sure if you mean you submitted questions here or somewhere else. It looks like you have only created this topic?

To help you we need to know more about what you need help with. Please ask your questions here.


Hi Kendash,
Thank you. Believe me I really appreciate your prompt reply! Here attached are the screen shots of the message I sent.
I gave it the topic name Happy Hour Setup. I look forward to hearing from you.
TammySamba Forum Happy Hr question.pdf (516.9 KB)


So sending private messages ensures you basically limit the help your going to get down to that single message receiver. Create a topic and use the V5 Question category then create your message so we can all help you.


That looks like a message to yourself, I mean your the only user on the list… That will definitely limit your responses…


Thank you. I will try again.