Issue creating Actions

When selecting an Action Type for an Action, you have to click on the drop down list a second time to show the Action Type parameters. Issues not present in V4.1.14. Did not check V4.1.15.

PS - Select Automation Command Action Type has no parameters.

Update - Or if you click away from the Action Type drop down list it will update.

OK I’ve improved that a little more.

Select Automation Command displays a command button list in ticket. So it doesn’t need a parameter.

You’ll map commands to Display on command selector region to appear here.

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I have been thinking about some of these things, and came up with an idea that my help support the documentation of SambaPOS.

When we are adding Actions & Rules, maybe have a description on the Add page to briefly describe what it does. Some stuff does make sense, but others can be hard to understand their function.

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