Issue found while validating automation command

We are getting this error when we run the Test Rule,

[Cancel Nc Bar Rule] An action called [Update Order Nc State] not found.
[Nc Food Rule] An action called [Update Order Nc State] not found.
[Cancel Nc Food Rule] An action called [Update Order Nc State] not found.
[Cancel Nc hooka Rule] An action called [Update Order Nc State] not found.

today we added three command one for NC Bar, NC Food, NC Hooka, this is same like Gift.
( all we did this by cloning the “Gift” command and then changed to Nc Bar, Nc Food, Nc Hooka Same we did in Rules, Action, Automation Commands, In States we cloned the gift and created Nc Bar, Nc Food, Nc Hooka)

it is functioning properly but this error msg is coming.

for reference i have attached the image.

Can you show the rule for that?

In most of mine when I’ve had that error it’s because I’ve edited the action when using in another rule which has affected that action already in other rules

The solution is to go to those rules, remove the action save the rule and close the rule. Then reopen the rule and add the action back in and re-apply any settings needed to the action and save again

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So the error message in the four rules you tested is looking for an action called “Update Order Nc State”

If you look at the screenshot of the rule you posted that action doesn’t exist, it looks like you reworded it to:

“Update Order Nc Bar State”

You’ve added the word bar Bar in the name of the action. Your rule still works because it still fires the action as it is still there, you’ve just renamed it in the actions menu which does not update it in already saved rules

All you need to do to clear those error messages when running the rule test is remove the action from the rule “Update Order Nc State” as that action no longer exists as it’s been renamed

Save the rule and close the rule settings

Open your rules again, edit each of the four rules listed above in your error log and just add the action called “Update Order Nc Bar State” and add Nc Bar back into the Current Status field

That will clear your rule errors as the correctly named action is now in the rules

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hey, thank you, it worked.

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