Issue Reporting Guidelines

Hello. I think we need issue reporting guidelines. What do you think about it?


I think its a good idea to avoid repetitive questions. if i may, i would also like to recommend having a release notes text file with every new release of SambaPOS. when update is installed the release notes file is saved under SambaPOS folder.

Example of Release Note:

**About This Release: SambaPOS 4.1.38
Version: SambaPOS 4.1.38
**Date: June 16, 2014

Note: (special instruction)

New Fixes/Features:
1.Cancel Payments action does not reset account transactions.
2.Ask Question action supports colors.
3.Does not creates duplicate entities through entity search screen.
4.Update Entity data action updates ticket entity.
5.Some small improvements for first time users.
6.Beta tag removed since V4 running live in multiple venues for more than 6 months without issues

I agree @emre.

There are more than a few Topics in this Forum that are improperly categorized as being an Issue (because the OP can’t figure out how something works) when they are really just a Question.

Request: when you know SambaPOS doesn’t do something, but you would like to see that functionality added.

Question: when you don’t know how it works and you’re seeking help, or you want to know if SambaPOS is capable of something.

Issue: when something is broken. It should be treated with caution, and should rarely be used unless you are certain something is broken. This could be strange or unexpected behavior that you know is not correct, or something as drastic as a program Hang or Crash.

Issues should be accompanied by:
SambaPOS Version
DB Type and Version
OS Type (32/64) and Version
Device Type (PC/Tablet/etc)
Error Messages
Steps to recreate the issue

Thank you very much for the suggestions…

Does anyone receive questions via PM? What do you think about that?

I think you will benefit a lot of if you can set up a pre-defined template for each type of post ( issue, question, request, etc)

for example, see this issue reporting format from Google code review (picked at random)

this should help enforces the guidelines so even the new users know what should be included

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