Issue when trying to restore the database backup file

hello all, I have a problem when want to restore a database backup.
This happened when my computer is bad hard disk and then i change a new hard disk and install sambapos again. after install I try to restore the database backup that I copy from the backup folder.
when trying to restore it have two problem happen :

" Logical file is already in use …"
I try to search in the forum. I check with the option to allow over write …change the the database name … but after I change the database name and change the connection string it show another error "An item with the same key has already been added ".

How to do now I don’t want to lost any all data that have been make transaction nearly a year…it a bad with do like a new fresh install with this.

Try create new database not rename and restore to New database.

Or try stop SQL server service or shutdown all computer connected to server or both and try to restore again.

Looks like you tried to backup and restore it wrong. How did you back it up?

as normal like I did it never meet problem just this Time only.

go to manage > settings > Database Backups > Settings : choose the location of the file that I backup from my old computer and click save . ( all setting was checked only Enable alternative Restoration Method that not checked …this is default )

and then I log out and log in again to make it refresh. after that I go go Database Backups > Backups > select file and click Restore Database .

this is work very fine that used to do . but this time I don’t know why it like this …it say logical file is already in used…

I stop this and then I test by using a fresh database and then I test to backup and then restore with that new one it still have problem too… it say " An item with the same key has already been added "