Issue with entity search widget, when search somehow replace the results

there is an issue with my setup, while i’m tiping customer phone number, the search widget will load the customer result and then the results change without internvention and display all the customer’s seems like a glitch, does anyone experience something similar?

here’s a gif

That is a custom screen. We don’t know how you set it up.

i only add the entity search widget and select customer entity type thats all there are no rules o actions in it

by the way i have 35k customer records on it

Are you using a slower computer? That could be your issue. What version of SambaPOSv5 are you using?

Ryzen 5 /32gb ram / 500 gb ssd raid 0 and sql server standard 2017

i’m currently using 5.2.20

First try updating to the latest version and see if it resolves if it doesnt we can try other things.

I updated sambapos but the issue remains the same

It’s probably due to number of clients.

Can Anyone tell me if theres a solution ? please help :sweat_smile:

please could you take a look? @VehbiEmiroglu

So looking at it again that is expected behavior. It will try to search as your typing. The more you type in the more it narrows the search.

It’s so you don’t have to type out the entire name to search. Since your using phone number it will load a lot of clients at first because most of them have the same first set of numbers.

Basically what I’m saying is no it’s not a glitch it is working as intended.

I think you’re right, i wish there is a way i’d narrow it down to a specific field not the entire set of customer fields

I don’t think is working as intended, sure it has to relate a lot of possibles matches, but when you are typing the entire customer phone number the very 10 digits, it refreshes itself and show other records that mismatch the info

Surely it does match the value entered so far? Is this not the same as any live search that doesn’t require a submit to search.

It will try to match any entity with those number combinations and it does it as your typing not when your done typing.

I understant that, but when you stop tiping, out of nowhere it replaces the results