Issue with print labell sticker templates

Hello all ! I have just set up Sambapos V5, and I want to print label sticker to stick on the plastic glass. but i do not know how to code it. please give some advises. The sticker print template such the same to the image below. Thanks!!!

You need to provide more info - what label printer do you have?

Can you show us what you have done so far?

Printer Template, printer model etc.

i have not done anything yet, please give some instructions and advice.Thanks

you don’t even have a label printer?

how can we give any suggestion? If you didn’t even search the forum and read other topics related to this yet where you can get this “advice” already…

You say you have an “issue with print label sticker template” but you have no issue because you haven’t even tried yet!..

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Now i have got the label printer:
Model printer: Xprinter XP-460B
Here my input:

then my out up: stickers
It seem wrong something! Please help me with this.