Issue with printing barcodes

Ive added barcodes to the bottom of my checks and I noticed that when I use Print Bill it doesn’t work but will work when I reprint.

Because barcode prints {Ticket Id} and i think the ticket id isn’t created until the the ticket is submitted so when I print it causes an error. Any ideas how to remedy this.

Save ticket might help but may cause issues with cancel/void never delved that beeply into the action but it should create it.
Alternatively would ticket number be any use for bar-code instead?

Wow I’m surprised Load Ticket action does not have loading ticket by ticket number feature. I’ll add that for next update (.61).


I was thinking at the time… whats the barcode for, next will be script to get ticket id from ticket number (already have one somewhere on PMS setup LOL) but ticket number in action would be simpler :slight_smile:

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I added save ticket action to settle rule to make this work for me