Issue with Report widget

Hi guys,

I noticed that the date parameters within report widget dont work. Specifically {DATE 1} <> {DATE 2} operation doesnt work. In my case it would be dd-MM-yyyy <> dd-MM-yyyy.

I tried using same as my regional settings fromatting, all kinds of different formatting but operation <> is completely ignored.

If I save only one setting as Today, Yesterday, This Week, Past Week, This Month, Past Month, Last x Days it works fine.

SQL Server Express 2014

Are you sure your settings are right value. Did you try manually entering dates?

This is how it saves the program settings if they are “empty”.

Parameters used

Setting widgets

Here is a GIF of it only working with one setting.

You are using Local Setting so try {LOCAL SETTING:X} instead of {SETTING:X}. They are different now.

So everywhere where its pulling {SETTING:xxx} I should replace with {LOCAL SETTING:xxx} IF in the setting action Is Local: True?

Thanks @Jesse that actually seems to work now! Just just saved me from another couple of days of frustration. :sweat_smile: Few more things to polish and I can implement it.

I have a question about settings. Is it possible to load up a list of tickets in a setting action i.e @{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketNumber::{0}:,}

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Why would you wish to do that? Cant you just use that report tag directly?

If I use a list inside the report it breaks nested parameters.

Basically I find the report a bit messy and would wish to group it per ticket like this by listing it desc with expression Ticket.TicketNumber="$7"

That would be a very big report wouldn’t it?

We really need a nice web based reporting dashboard. Maybe Neptune when it’s ready will solve that.

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Yes, it for few clients of mine that have many customers that pay monthly or so. So I additionally modified Q’s tutorial to only show me Customer Account purchases. So the requirement is that its highly detailed report/purchase breakdown.

So if there is an alternative I can use to get a list of tickets in a setting, I am all ears!

You mean this Neptune?

I have few integrations on my hands at the moment for very customized purposes but I was actually thinking of doing something like this. Especially for people that have multiple venues so they can compare Sales Venue 1 vs Sales Venue 2 in a really neat looking reporting dashboard like Neptune.

Most of my clients love metriK because it makes their life easier but I get a lot of feedback regarding metriK not being updated on a regular basis so I am thinking of creating something myself.

No I mean project neptune for SambaPOS its in development. Not related to what you posted.

I personally use 7shifts and their metriks are primarily what I look at. Real time labor %, sales, $per labor hour etc. Metrik I use too but it only provides a few useful reports honestly. The primary report I use is Labor %.

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Oh cool! I am looking forward to see that. Do you have some screenshots for a sneak peak? :sweat_smile:

No not yet. It will be a game changer though. You will like it.