Issue with Transaction Documents

Hi All,

Working on setting up inventory tracking on our Samba POS install. Running the latest version v5.1.60.

The problem I’m having is when adding a new transaction document, I enter a “Document No.” then click add and fill in the details for the first line but then can’t add a second line or save the document as the buttons are greyed out.


Any ideas?

No source? Not used stock control before but would imagine you need a source and target.

There’s nothing in the source list.

Also we did do a stock take via the v4 version of this interface back in 2014 (haven’t tracked inventory qty since then) without entering a source.

You need to have an active work period to be able to make inventory transactions. On V5 you can use Warehouses > Purchase for making purchase transactions.


Thanks emre, the issue was no open work period.