Issues on Ticket Template


I need your kind advice urgently.

Please refer to my ticket template below.
The issue I am facing are:
(a) When there is no rounding adjustment, the label of Rounding Adj did not hide. I tried to put [ ] between Rounding Adj, but system does not allow because I am using [ ] in between to hide adjustment + or adjustment - when it is 0.00.

[<J00>Rounding Adj: |[{CALCULATION TOTAL:Rounding Adjustment+}][{CALCULATION TOTAL:Rounding Adjustment-}]

(b) I am currently using [ ] to hide my subtotal when it is empty. I am wondering why the PLAIN TOTAL is empty when I am selling zero rated product.

© When I have a very long product name, the wordings are truncated from receipt. How can I display a full name of my product name, I am okay to wrap text to show it at second line so long as it does not affect the prices displayed at right.

This is my ticket template:

-- General layout
<C00>BRN No.: xxx  GST No.: xxx

<T>Tax Invoice
<L00>Tax Invoice No:{TICKET NO}



[<J00>Subtotal: |{PLAIN TOTAL}]
[<J00>GST 6%: |{TAX TOTAL}]
[<J00>Rounding Adj: |[{CALCULATION TOTAL:Rounding Adjustment+}][{CALCULATION TOTAL:Rounding Adjustment-}]
<J00>Total: |{TICKET TOTAL}
<J00>Tendered Total: |{TENDERED TOTAL}
<J00>Change Total: |{CHANGE TOTAL}

<C00>GST Summary:
<J00>Tax Code|Tax Base        Tax Amount


<C10>T H A N K   Y O U


-- Default format for orders

-- Format for gifted orders

-- Nothing will print for void lines

-- Format for order tags

<J00>{TAX NAME}:|[=F(TN('{TOTAL TAXABLE AMOUNT}')-TN('{TAX TOTAL}')-TN('{CALCULATION TOTAL:Rounding Adjustment+}')-TN('{CALCULATION TOTAL:Rounding Adjustment-}'),'0.00')]              |[=F(TN('{TAX AMOUNT}'),'0.00')]

Try [Rounding Adj: |{CALCULATION TOTAL:Rounding Adjustment+}{CALCULATION TOTAL:Rounding Adjustment-}]

As for plain total. You wrapped it in brackets so if you sell zero rated product of coarse its going to hide it.

Btw please highlight your entire template and press the </> button

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For issue (a), I had tried your suggestion [Rounding Adj: |{CALCULATION TOTAL:Rounding Adjustment+}{CALCULATION TOTAL:Rounding Adjustment-}], Rounding Adjustment will disappear when there is no rounding amount at all.
BUT ticket will print this “Rounding Adj: 0.02 0.00” for both Rounding Adj+ and Rounding Adj-. When there is rounding vale, it should only show either value of Rounding Adjustment + or -.

For issue (b), due to system did not show any value for zero-rated product, that’s why I use [] to wrapped it. If I remove [], how can system show subtotal for zero-rated items?

For issue 3, what do u mean by press </> button?
Currently, in my [ORDERS], I have {NAME} printed in ticket, but it will be truncated. I would like it to show in full and display in next line if possible.

Added Issue 4: How can I use if else condition in ticket template? If TAX TOTAL greater than 0.01, its label should show GST 6%, else show GST 0%.

Then you would need to put both on their own line

Sub Total for this would be 0 I am confused by what you are wanting here.

I mean highlight your template and press that button its next to the insert image button:

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Hi @kendash,

Thanks for your advice.

Issue (a), I mange to solve it by separting them into two individual lines as below.
[Rounding Adj: |{CALCULATION TOTAL:Rounding Adjustment+}]
[Rounding Adj: |{CALCULATION TOTAL:Rounding Adjustment-}]

Issue (b), can ignore this first, I will hide SubTotal at this moment.

Issue ©, you might misunderstand what I want. I do not need to wrap text for ticket template in forum here. What I want is to wrap text or display full name of my ORDER NAME / product name in the ticket printed.
For example, my customer purchase 1 Chilli Sauce Brand ABC, the product name is truncated when printed in the ticket, eg. 1 Chilli Sauce Bra. How can it display full name in ticket/receipt?

I have added issue (d) in my earlier post, kindly advice. Refer to my ticket template in the very first post, I am hardcoding GST 6% in the template, [GST 6%: |{TAX TOTAL}]. However, I would prefer to display a dynamic GST percentage instead. If the products purchased are subjected to 6% GST, which mean TAX TOTAL is greater than $0.00, hence, I would like to print out GST 6%: $0.21 for example. BUT when all the products purchased are not taxable means 0%, I would like that line to print GST 0%: $0.00.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Sorry I actually never answered C. I was just trying to help you paste your template correctly so we can see it. If you want it to wrap then take justification off of it.




Hi @Jesse,

For Issue ©, after I remove justification , there is nothing print out in my receipt. Then, I replace with <J>, my product name still cannot display in full. Please help.

Kindly advice on the newly added issue (d) in my post above as well.

Your help is greatly appreciated.



Notice there are no Pipes |

Not possible - there is no way to do if/else in a template in V4. However, V5 has ternary expression, so it will be possible when it is released.

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I would like to reopen my issue (b).
Refer to first image below, when the product purchased are zero-rated ZR, Subtotal shows blank. How can I show Subtotal as $39 in this receipt? After Subtotal, I would need to display a dynamic GST line.

But when products purchase mix with ZERO Rated and Standard Rated items, receipt did show Subtotal.

For issue ©, I cannot use {QUANTITY} {NAME} [=’{ORDER TAX TEMPLATE NAMES}’.substr(0,2)] {TOTAL PRICE}. Because I need product name display at left and total price display at right as in align to right. Is there any other suggestion to resolve my problem?

For issue (d), when will v5 be released?

What is zero rated. You need to explain what that is and how your calculating that price. You might have to do a calculation for your subtotal instead of using {PLAINTOTAL}

You cannot force wrapping the product line and still have the price right-justified. You need to choose between truncating the product and justifying the price, or wrapping the product and having price un-justified.

Don’t know.

Thanks @QMcKay for your reply, I will think of another solution like having product line and price in its own line. So, I can wrap my product at the same time right-justified my price shown, hope it works.

Hi @Jesse, Zero Rated means the products are not taxable. In my sample receiptbelow, Subtotal should shows $39.00 which derived from 13.00 + 26.00. Sum up all products’ prices.

Your zero rate is it an actual tax template?

Yes, zero rated is one of the actual tax template.

I use this for Sub-total:

<J00>Subtotal:|[=F(TN('{TICKET TOTAL}')-TN('{TAX TOTAL}'))]

Taxes are done like this:

<J00>Tax Total:|{TAX TOTAL}


Entire Template produces this result:

2015-03-19 08:02         Server: Q  #30019
1  Imperial                60.00     60.00
1  Coffee.Large            60.00     60.00
1  Cookie Signature        50.00     50.00
2  Bagel.Everything        60.00    120.00
         Cream Cheese    
Subtotal:                           257.37
Tax T2 (18%):                         9.15
Tax T1 (15%):                        23.48
Tax Total:                           32.63
TOTAL:                     ($14.50) 290.00
Cash:                      ($14.50) 290.00