Issues regarding inventory deduction in ml

I configured a jameson original bottles to be 700ML to a Bottle,and a Jameson Shot to be 25ML…if a shot of jameson is sold instead of it remaing 675ML it shows 0.036 for a Jameson Shot Consumed and inventory prediction is 0.964 instead of 0.675.
However ever for a 1000ML of Ciroc Vodka,if 25ML of Ciroc Shot is consumed it deduct accurately,i.e if a shot of ciroc is sold for 1000ML of Ciroc INVENTORY PREDICTION would be 0.975 which correct.

That is correct. You configured your base to be 700 and sold .036 of that and left .96 of that 1 unit left.

You will need to configure it differently and base unit should be 1ml not 700

I changed this to a question since there is no Sambapos issue. This is a Sambapos configuration question.

Is a great start. Please look through this carefully.

Thank you,will check and reverts.

If i make base unit to be 1ML,how will i configure Shot?i would be very gratful if u can show me in picture, a bottle of 700ML vs 25ML Shot,because i have tried it.
Not working.

Edit your Inventory like this
Screenshot 2024-01-21 201333
then go to recipes and change it to 25ml
Screenshot 2024-01-21 201413

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Thank you very much!However, how do i purchase a bottled items?

Thank u very much,it worked very fine for shot deduction from bottle,to enable selling bottles i had to make recipes for bottleto be 700ML and put shot at 25ML,in that case it will deduct properly for bottle(700ML) and shot(25ML).

You configure base unit atn1 ml. Shot would be 25
And a bottle 700

Hi @Akewula,

You can check the below GIF file as reference;

Inventory Shot Bottle


Thank you very much Nizamettin.