Item icons for menu

Didn’t find anything in here for anything like this so I figured I’d start a thread where we can all go to share icons for smaba… I have a few icons for drinks and food but finding good ones are hard… Anyone else know of some good places to find them?

Do you mean images to use for menu buttons?

Yes! Here are a few that I have found…

Websites for icons might be a good place for that kind of images.
I created my own £ note images for my fast cash buttons in coral. They are on the forum somewhere.

Alternatively you can benefit from V5’s format tag support to use food icon fonts. I’ve used to find some food font sets but there are much more if you search internet.

This is my Menu Category setup.


in WORD, the font ‘Journal Dingbats 1’ works fine
in sambapos, i can’t get it to work

Seems like it does not work fine if font name contains spaces. It will work fine on next update. (.56)

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Emre an other font with space or without space both not working