Item Menu icon text display different between POS and Mobile Client Tablet

Hi, We have two different menus. One for POS system and one for Mobile Client Tablet. The menu for Mobile Client tablet was cloned from the menu for the POS system, and we removed some categories that we don’t need for the tablet. However, the item icon text is being displayed incorrectly (refer to the screenshots between POS_View - displays “Margarita Lime” and Tablet_View - displays just “MARGARITA”). I have tried to clear application cache on the tablet, and did multiple updates from the tablet, but still same issue. Is the menu on tablet being cached somewhere?

Tablet View:

POS View:

try this…remove the product from the tablet menu, save then add it back in

I often have this problem if a product name changes

you mean remove/delete the product completely and re-create the product and add back to the menu?

just remove the product from the menu., save the menu, then add the product back and save the menu again.

you don’t need to delete the product

the menu’s seem to cache the products so even if you make a change to the product name the menu’s don’t update.

Your suggestions worked. Thank you

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