Item prices not appearing on the printed ticket

Some times on a printed ticket, some items appear on printed ticket with 0 price, what could be causing this problem ???

Which items?
Could do with some example, ticket, orders and whats printed.

for example orders are placed into samba pos very well with their prices together

tea 1 8000
milk 2 9000
biscuit 0
sugar 3000
banana 0

thats how some times they appear on a printed ticket.with some items missing their corresponding items, what could be causing this ? yet items are already fed in the system with their prices.

do you mean order tags?

oh sorry i meant prices forexample

item quantity price
tea 1 5000
biscuit 2 6000
banana 3 0
chicken 1 12000
soda 3 0

so am inquring why is it that at times some orders appear on a printed ticket with out their corresponding prices.


With the little information you have provided first guess would be tags with price not included on order price so the {PRICE} tag shows 0 as the value is set via tag but its hard to say as all you have shown is a list of products and their prices… this would be supported by wether or not the printed ticket total is correct meaning the order line prices do not add up to the printed total as additional value is included in the total from the tags which are not being printed on the receipt template.
V4 is long been in use and something so basic will either be missconfigeration or not understanding - sorry no offence intended.

Show a screenshot of samba with this ticket, paste your print template (dont forget to use </> on toolbar) and image out your printout.

okay will do so when i get on site.