Item Sales Report By Server

Hello guys I am trying to implement a report that shows me the detailed sales of a waiter I currently use the kendash time clock system that uses entities as servers that can only enter to the pos with a password, that configuration fits good for my needs cause i want to track the sales by server
Right now I want to implement a new flow in my restaurant which would not need a cashier instead every waiter would take charge of his sales but I would like to have a detailed sales report of each of my servers so i could track individual sales of a waiter.
for me this would be a very important information to organize server training improve sales and boost certain products so i would like a entity report similar to the item sales report that comes with samba by default
the way i would like this running is that every server can print his individual sales report

so far I have this report but I would like every waiter to just print his report

can anyone give me a hand with this?

try replace $1 with {:CURRENTUSER} and you don’t need @{REPORT…} line