Item with same name but different price/category

Hi all,

I own a cafe and Im trying to implement SambaPOS but I am having trouble with items of same name but different price/category.

Basically take Bacon as an example:
I have Bacon in my ‘Extras’ category priced at 1.75
I also have Bacon in my Sandwiches category with 3 different portions; Roll @ 2.45, Sandwich @ 2.95 and Baguette @ 3.25

Now SambaPOS doesnt let me use Bacon in 2 different places, So I had to add an ‘(S)’ to the Bacon in the ‘Sandwiches’ category which doesnt look nice. This happens many times with various items. How can I avoid this?

So you call product bacon so with portion it reads Bacon Roll…
How many types do you have typically on my setups sandwiches etc I have has sandwich as product and then bacon as either a portion or an order tag.

Think the focus should be on extra rather than sandwich.
What is extra category bacon? To add bacon to a sandwich? Would this nkt be better as an order tag?

Order tags are all set up for breakfast’s, sandwiches, omelettes and stuff. The extra’s exist because some want to create their own breakfast. Or someone comes and asks for a side of Bacon etc with whatever it is they are ordering. I cant possibly have the same extra’s as order tags for everything. Its simply not efficient

Don’t know your setup.
Have you seen order tag grouping.
If you have them as their own products the price isn’t product/portion specific so why not a general extras order tag applied to all products?
If they are extras they are extra to something so tags is way to do else what happens with;
2 sandwich
1 extra bacon
1 extra egg
1 full English
1 extra bacon
Is that sandwich with extra egg and bacon or 1 with egg one with bacon?

This is my menu:

I tried setting it up on samba using the ‘fast menu’ set up:

And this is what the issue with items with same name is and my use of order tags for Breakfasts or Sandwiches:

In the case for Bacon Sandwich, Bacon (S) is the name of the product, Sandwich is the name of the portion.

I get that, we already established that.
Your missing what I’m saying.
Ring in what I said.
Will become 2 bacon…
Short answer is tags.
You dont serve bacon on its own do you?

I do serve Bacon on its own.
As the case with every item in the ‘extras’ category.

so make a side order product and include that on the extras tag group.
The verdic its you CANNOT have two products with same name. So you either need to work arround that or use alternative method.

Its best to leave as is then as I want the process of using the till to be as efficient and quick as possible, the less buttons to press the better I reckon.
Thanks anyway.