Items are missing in Item Sales Report


In default item sales report some items are missing.

@{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.ItemGroup.asc,O.ExactTotal.Sum::{0}:,}
@{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName,O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True):{0}:,}
[$1 Sales:8, 4, 2]
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName,O.PortionName,O.Quantity.Sum.asc:(ODI=True) and (MG=$1)}

Total $1||{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Quantity.Sum:(ODI=True) and (MG=$1)}

This report showing all items, none is missing.

But, I need to seperate items by Ticket Types.

I have missing items once when I use a bad character in production t name or field, ir I had used comma and one of my report @ was a comma separated list for the comma in the product name made the @list incorrect

Thank you!!! This solutions is working for new orders. But yesterday’s orders are missing, is there any way to bring them back?

If it is related to bad use of comma change the seperator in your @list expressions to say ~ or some other less common charator.
If that is the case the products are there but the report is broken so fixing report will show them

Sorry, I couldn’t get what you mean. I need to change @ chars to ~ in report?

At the end of the @ lines you see a comma… that is the list separator… change comma to a different character like tilde ~


I changed

@{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName,O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True):{0}:,}


@{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName,O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True):{0}:~}

Now it shows nothing :frowning:

Trying to remember what emre sugested when I had the issue, maybe it was pipe ( | )

@emre need your help :slight_smile:

Emre does not provide support.

Try other separators. Try semi-colon ; and try pipe |

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Thank you all dears!!! | solves problem.

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