Items count on screen problem

Help me please!!!
I need to count only available items
(no need to count void item)

How are you doing that at the minute?

You will want to do by state and depending on what event the rule that tags is running it would be different.
Given that void orders are still submitted you might need to do a calculation ie sbmitted minus void.
But as said depending on what point you are doing the tag it might need to account for new orders in form of new + submitted - void

thank for your reply. all I did in above photo is for example
I am not good for customize it, can you show me how to do it (new+submitted-void)?
thank you before hand

You can use {TICKET ORDER COUNT EXP:X} tag to count orders. Or we also have {TICKET ORDER QUANTITY TOTAL EXP:X} tag to have quantity total of orders.

Usage depends on how you need to use it. For example if you want to print it on tickets you can use it like that.

Or you can use Update Application Subtitle action to update it on screen. You can see a sample use here…


when i use this {TICKET ORDER COUNT EXP:O.CalculatePrice} it just count by line not by items but when i use this {TICKET ORDER QUANTITY TOTAL EXP:O.CalculatePrice} I got this:

I need to count all AVAILABLE ITEMS only.
Sorry for my bad English, Please help!!!
Thank you!!

There was a typo in source code and I fixed it for next update. {TICKET ORDER QUANTTY TOTAL EXP:O.CalculatePrice} will work but don’t forget to correct that after next update.

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