Items keep appearing under different tables

Hi all,

I’ve recently moved my system to new hardware and its only a couple of times within the same work period but it has me a bit worried.

If I put menu items on table 6 they are later randomly appear under table 3.

I have never had this happen before so its a little worrying if I have done something wrong.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?


There is no way that can happen unless someone changes something. You will have to explain more about your setup. Things do not randomly switch tables. Show screenshots of it before and after, videos, anything to help us understand your issue. SambaPOS is used in thousands of restaurants and not once has something just randomly switched tables without a user interacting with it or someone configuring it wrong.

We can help you but we need to see screenshots and or understand what you have changed in the default setup.

PS. Did you personally see this happen? There is absolutely NO way an employee did not move a table?

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Thanks for your relpy.

I did not set this system up I just moved it and the above is what my customer is reporting.

I am going to see him this afternoon so he can show me the issue so I will collect all the needed info and get back to you.


I would guess most likely is the staff are clicking change table thinking that’s how to go between tickets but is just that, change the table (of existing ticket). Ticket should be closed then the other table selected.


Hes been using it for years and apparently knows how to use it and isn’t clicking change table (This is the first thing I thought he was doing) He says hes never had an issue before.

Stuff does not just magically change tables so we need to find out what he is doing.

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He is now reporting that pressing certain items is adding them multiple times so I think it may be an issue with the sensitivity with the touch screen