Just a little something im working on, updated login screen with till float prompt

So im revamping my cashing up screen and wanted to start by automating the entering of the till float when the work period is opened using a custom entity screen. So heres what it looks like so far:

Log into Samba and Start Work Period (Daytime) screen appears

Click start which them prompts to enter the opening till float balance, for this ive entered £50

Press enter and you are now directed to the login screen (custom built entity screen)

To check that the £50 float balance has correctly been entered we can check it in the Cash Up screen where the Cash In Till Balance will read £50 as there is only that money in the till (before any transactions are completed)

This screen needs a lot or work but you can see at the top left the float value is £50 and the Cash In Till value is also £50

Next steps here are to revamp the cash up screen and add a remove float button


I love how crazy you’ve made this man. I’ts getting better each time you’re making changes to it. Well Done :smiley:

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I just need to move the float screen keypad slightly to the left so lines up in the same position as the sign in keypad. You prob dont notice it but the perfectionist in me does haha and the screen goes straight to the login screen from the float screen so it looks like the keypad moves to the right slightly when they switch lol

I am definitely interested in this for our operations

Im also in the process of updating and revamping the cash up screen ill post pocs when completr

Hey @RickH I followed your tutorial till float everything is going great, but when a register a float in or a balance float, it goes to account screen, i tried to put an action of log out user but it wont help, it just logout the user even before the register the balance float, so my question is how to return to the entity screen after balance float of float in

show your rule with actions, have you got a action to navigate to your entity screen after entering the float value in your rule?

Ok @RickH i dont know why but always when i’m adding an action for balance float, skips balance float and do the next action withouth showing the balance float action, i tried with logout user, load entity, and navigation same result


Here is your picture


No idea why you always have ] [DB_ 124-124] SQ.
If it happen, all you have to do is replace it with image like this.

Its because your not telling the action what value to put for description and amount

You need to use [ ? Enter Float Value;;;OCN ] instead of [ :Amount ]

Youll then get a popup keypad to enter the float value

yes you’re right but i was trying to enter the balance float description as well

Do the same in that field too replace [:Description] with [?Enter Float Description;;;]

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Thank you so much @RickH that worked


Is there a tutorial to give an idea of how to create this screen Rick? This is something that I have been wanting to add but not sure where to start from. I would appreciate it if you can point me in the right direction. Thanks

which bit? theres isnt a tutorial for any of it, and i have massively changed this setup now from this post

ive integrated the add float with starting a work period and my cash up screen in completely re vamped

Auotomition Buttons

you want to add buttons to that screen?